Thursday, November 5, 2009



Back in the good old days, middle of the last century, the Atlantic Pond, close to the main GAA stadium, was a handy destination for car-less families seeking relief from the heat of the city and many a picnic of sandwiches and tea was enjoyed on its green grassy banks.

The pond deteriorated after that but in recent years, the City Council have done much to restore it. The birds are back and enjoying life on the clean water and there are paths around the lake and besides you have the long walks on the Marina close at hand.

The birds aren’t quite as plentiful as they are in the Lough but today’s visit indicated that this pleasant spot is attracting families once again and quite a few walkers and runners.

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The Lough (lake) has long been a favourite haunt of Cork strollers and I joined them today. The outer path must be close to a mile long and is favoured by joggers and others on reasonably serious exercise missions.

Many car loads of kids have been brought to the urban lake which has attracted a big variety of wild birds over the years, mainly swans and ducks. The kids and the adults love to feed the birds but, after a recent bout of disease, the City Council has notices up telling people not to feed the traditional bread, asking that the likes of lettuce and cabbage be provided instead.

The birds once again seem to be thriving and the Lough continues to draw the children of the city. Back in the middle of the previous century, it was a favourite spot to go skating in winter but global warming has put an end to that.

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